Guillermo Del Toro's InSANE: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: Picking apart the harrowing teaser...

This is going to be our weirdest and most difficult Dissected yet, because this week our adversary is Guillermo Del Toro's InSANE.

The main problem we have with this one is that we know next to nothing about the game - it's not scheduled for release until 2013 after all - and, furthermore, the only trailer we have is so dark and cryptic it'd make David Blaine wrinkle his face with jealousy.

Let's start off with what we do know. It's a horror of some sort - that much is clear - made by Saints Row 2 and Red Faction: Guerrilla dev Volition.

There's not a whole lot connecting those two previous titles though and neither of them touch on the horror genre, so the fact that Volition's at the helm doesn't really give us any clues as to how InSANE could turn out.

Guillermo Del Toro himself, however, gives us a bit of a couple of hints as to what to expect, and it sounds uncomfortable.

First of all he's obviously got a Hollywood background - take from that what you will - and he's expressed a desire to "try some crazy sh*t" with video games.

So far so good, but it's when Del Toro says that he wants to take players to a place "Where every single action makes them question their own senses of morality" that we shuffle in our seats and mumble, "How?"

Well, let's find out. We've taken a few snaps from the InSANE announcement trailer and, while we're afraid it's a pretty dark affair across the board, we've played around with the lighting in some of the grabs to try and squeeze out a bit of extra detail.

Buddy up and hold hands. We're going in.


There are a number of black and white images flashing throughout the trailer and one that grabbed out attention initially was this one with a fairly manic looking fellow on the left.

OK so it's a guy laughing, he could have just heard a really good nun joke (there are some corkers) but look at his face a bit closer and you'll see that his grin is big enough to expose his back molars. In fact, you could slot a VHS tape into that cheek. We moonlight as doctors and take it from us, that ain't right.

Perhaps even more interesting though is what's situated in the bottom right corner of the screen, a smooth, shiny, clearly moistened skin with some sort of print on it.

If we were in the jungle we'd say it was a snake, but we're not, we're in a trailer for a game called InSANE alongside a laughing bloke with video pockets in his face.


We get a better glimpse at that snake skin (which we're calling it for the sake of ease) later on and once you bring the light levels up a bit you can see that what looked like some sort of print at first is actually raised and stuck into the skin.

They almost look like hunks of bone sticking out of the surface now and, since the things have multiplied, we're pretty sure we're not dealing with your every day snake. Tentacles maybe?


We say tentacles because, well, the trailer is pretty much saturated with them. In fact, the backdrop is usually made up of hundreds of the things, not always as big and chunky as the ones above, but quick and plentiful enough to cause concern.


Since this is a horror title, there'll probably be victims aplenty as well, and it looks like it's whatever this black slithery things are that'll be doing the bullying.

The screams, cries and babbling from men, women and even babies create a really panicky atmosphere to say the least. At one point a hand shoots out of the abyss and cracks the glass it's trapped behind.

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