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Fight Night Champion trailer shows bare knuckle boxing

Champion Mode has F-bombs galore

A new Fight Night Champion trailer showcases more of the game's Champion Mode, complete with bare-knuckle bouts and the F word - twice.

In what's a fairly big departure from the norm, Champion Mode follows fictional fighter Andre Bishop in a proper Hollywood-esque story complete with corruption, organised crime and jail time.

It also features swearing, so cover your ears. In fact, strangely, EA Sports has silenced the F word once, only to use it completely uncensored in all its glory later. Nice one.

For those who like to create their own boxer and keep things on the straight and narrow, Legacy Mode will still be present in Champion, so if this isn't you're thing, don't worry too much.

We got a similar Champion Mode trailer earlier this week. The idea's growing on us, but we're still not sure. What do you think?