Phoenix and Mike Haggar join Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Metro City's Mayor and Jean Grey-Summers ready to brawl

Capcom has announced two new characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, bringing the overall roster to an impressive 34 fighters.

Latest to join the all-star cast are Metro City mayor and star of Capcom's Final Fight Mike Haggar. As expected, Haggar is a grapple type character but isn't above using some dirty tricks, including taking a lead pipe to his enemies.

The second new character is Marvel's Pheonix, who looks to be a stand in for MvC 2's Rogue. Judging from the video below, Pheonix looks like a pretty well rounded character with good offensive and defensive options.

The reveal video also shows off a new stage that we're guessing is a rundown street in Metro City.

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[ SOURCE: Eventhubs ]