Konami teases Castlevania DLC

"What, if anything, could stop Gabriel?"

Konami's posted a cryptic tease regarding Castlevania: Lords of Shadow's upcoming DLC pack on its Facebook page, asking fans "What, if anything, could stop Gabriel?"

We've no idea what Konami's going on about, but it's likely to do with some sort of hard nut boss character set to appear in the first pack, 'Reverie'.

In Reverie, players will return to the Castle as Gabriel to help Laura, the former servant to the vampire Carmilla, in destroying the unruly evil that was previously kept in check by the recently slain Queen.


As announced last month, Reverie is the first of two downloadable content packs set to be released for the game, both of which will feature all new areas, monsters, and brand new story lines.

Share your own speculation below and check out the first Reverie screenshots.

[ SOURCE: Facebook ]