PS3 jailbreak: Video shows homebrew on Firmware 3.55

Hacker GeoHot running homemade software

PS3 jailbreak news continues to come in following a successful hack of the system's defences against unauthorised code earlier this week.


Now hacker Geobot has posted a video showing homebrew software working on a jailbroken Ps3, running Firmware 3.55, which you can watch below.

George 'Geohot' Hotz, famed for cracking the iPhone platform, decrypted the so-called "root key" of the PS3 and posted it onto the 'net on Monday. However, Hotz has said the hack is solely intended for use by homebrew fans - and that he does not condone its use for piracy.

Sony released Firmware 3.55 last month, calling it "a minor update that adds a security patch". It successfully blocked previous attempts to hack the system.

The platform holder believes that it will be able to fix the latest security breach with new network updates.