Spector: Industry's focus on graphics and combat 'bores me'

Veteran developer wants more attention paid to storytelling and non-combat AI

Warren Spector has said he'd like developers to focus less on improving graphics and fighting and more on evolving storytelling and non-combat AI.


Asked what disappoints him about the games industry today, the veteran developer told Develop: "I'm disappointed by the fact that we still focus solely on combat mechanics and rendering techniques, at the expense of other things we could be devoting energy and effort to.

"We could be focusing on non-combat AI and making conversation as compelling as fighting for a change. Wouldn't that be great? We could be focusing on making storytelling truly interactive.

"We just focus on prettier pictures and flashier graphics attached to more impressive combat scenarios, and honestly, that just bores me."

Spector said last month that he was pleased with mixed reviews for his latest title, Epic Mickey, arguing that he'd rather polarise opinion than get 8 out of 10 scores across the board.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]