The 7 best RPGs of this generation

The top titles in the life-devouring genre...

All together now: When the day is long... and the night... the night is yours alone... When you're sure you've had enough... of this life... erm, you can always slink away to an RPG where your only problems are ghouls with guns or giant sea monsters.

We all like to role play every now and then, especially on our PCs, consoles and handhelds. It's the ultimate drug-free escapism trip - but there are a few titles that do it better than any others.

When the CVG walls feel like they're closing in (every day) these are the RPG's we escape to. Don't forget to give us yours in the comments.


Fallout 3
It might not be the prettiest, but there's something awe-inspiring about the world of Fallout. The sheer vastness of the Capital Wastelands in Fallout 3 is just one of the reasons why it holds a special place in our RPG hearts. Okay, so it didn't have a whole lot in it in terms of bricks and motor (it's a wasteland after all) but it just felt so thick with character all the way through.

The depth of Fallout 3's RPG experience was equally rich. Whether you were keeping your beady eyes open for rad-scorpions as you walked through the wilderness at night, repairing one of the 40-odd weapons strapped somewhere to your person, managing both your karma and radiation levels or making an enemy of a ghoul with a gun because your speech ability didn't get you out of a sticky situation, Fallout sucked you into a world that was really hard to leave.

That's the sign of a great RPG, being so involved in every minute decision and action of a fictional character and the world he lives in that coming back to reality feels like a punishment.

Demon's Souls
Quite simply put Demon's Souls is a cult classic, so much so in fact that until it was released in Europe last year, PS3 players were importing it from Japan through fear that it would never leave the land of the rising sun.

The fact that we were still feverishly excited about the western release of Demon's Souls even though most of us already owned a copy we'd shipped in from the other side of the globe just goes to show how much love this one commands.

Why is Demon's Souls so loved? Mainly because, aside from all it's RPG goodness, it doesn't talk down to us, it doesn't give us any breaks, in fact it shouts in our face and kicks us around the room. For some reason we love it. Finally a real challenge.

Even the most basic enemies can get the jump on you and if you find your back to the wall there's no combination of buttons that will activate some burst of energy, there's no Spell of Arrubica (we made that up) to help you out. You should've been more careful in the fist place bub.


Dragon Age Origins
Humans? Check. Elves? Yep. Dwarves? Present. Mages? Has anyone seen the Mages? Oh there they are.

Dragon Age Origins is on classic RPG territory in terms of its premise and make-up, as all of the above combine to take on a common evil with players using both their wits in conversation and their skills in combat to contribute to the cause.

To assume that a conventional set-up means a middle of the road, seen-it-all-before-game, however, would be dead wrong since Dragon Age Origins was applauded for its strength of personality, which was found not only in characters you met along the way, like the wonderfully sarcastic Grey Warden Alistair for example, but in every facet of the game itself.

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