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X-rated Bayonetta scene is creator's favourite

"Women are scary"

The creator of Bayonetta has named his favourite in-game scene - and it's very much one for the boys.


Anyone who's played through the section where Bayonetta first meets female-looking angel Joy will know that there is plenty of 'tension' between the two as they kick off an odd "pose battle" - as well as some steamy limb-bending action.

And then, of course, there's that, erm, 'climactic' moment when Bayonetta's foe shows her rather vulgar 'finishing move', in which her hand moves groin-ward. We'll let the video below do the rest. (Perhaps one for the adults, folks... do be warned.)

Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya spoke to PSM3 as part of the mag's fantastic '100 moments of 2010' feature in its latest issue.

One quote left on the cutting room floor - today passed to CVG for your eyes only - came when the PSM3 gang asked Kamiya-San what he considered Bayonetta's best bits to be.

"When people ask me where the inspiration for the scenes in Bayonetta came from, all I can say is 'from my head'," he explained.

"When people ask me what my favourite scene is, all I can say is 'all of them'... Well, if I had to pick one, I would say it is the scene where Joy first appears in the game, with Bayonetta and her impostor getting into a pose battle.

"That was my way of expressing the feminine notion that, to one woman, all other women are enemies. Even women walking by each other will check out what the other is wearing, and might smoulder a bit with antagonism. Women are scary."

The ones you have in your games certainly are, sir. But they're also often clad in very tight virtual PVC. So swings and roundabouts.

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