Nintendo 3DS launch line-up confirmed for Japan

Eight bad boys hitting territory next month

Nintendo's 3DS will be joined on shelves on launch day by eight games in Japan.


Standouts include Miyamoto-san's Nintendogs & Cats, Konami's Winning Eleven (PES) and Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV 3D.

Nintendo's also confirmed the dates for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Starfox 64 and Kid Icarus, which will all be arriving after launch.

The more expensive titles carry a price close to that of a standard PSP game in Japan.

The line-up (and price in Yen) is:

* Nintendogs + Cats (4,800)
* Winning Eleven Soccer 3D (5,800)
* Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (4,800)
* Samurai Warriors Chronicle (6,090)
* Puzzle Bobble 3D (4,980)
* Ridge Racer 3D (6,090)
* Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs 3D (5,040)
* Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles (5,980)

Nintendo 3DS launches in Japan next month, and will arrive in the US and EU in March.

A 3DS preview event is set to take place in Amsterdam and New York on January 19.