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CVG: Comments of the week

Tee hee hee...

Two words: 'A console that you wee on'.

The Toylet article has to be by far the best opportunity you've ever had for pun-tastic punnery and you took it like it was the last chance you'd ever have.

We're pleased to say, though, that there were plenty of other great comments across the board this week. Showing us once again why CVG readers are probably the best readers on the net. OK defintely.

Production 3DS stolen, pictured for the internet

anyone else think this guy will be sacked?

Er let's think. Stealing a console, leaking it on the net..... Yeah, maybe sniper789.

Sacked? I bet Nintendo have sent the ninjas around to his house already, he'll be lucky to live through the night.

You sound like you're talking from experience El Mag.

I like his desk. Too bad it will be decorated brain-colour come the morning.

Jimmy Luxury - You lot have some pretty weird ideas about Nintendo company policy.

Hey guys I know that you might end up telling me how stupid I am and everything, but think about this, did you ever think that nintendo may have let that 3ds leak because they wanted to drive up anticipation for the products and drive up more sales upon release? The United States goverment does that stuff all the time when they want someone to vote a certain way, or beleive that certain top secret projects dont exist they shove the market full of information on similar subjects but not the same, hence when the Stealth Fighter and other sorts of projects were in production and people reported seeing UFO's due to the project, the US goverment while not saying they beleived in UFO's flooded the media with disinformation specialists that said, "YEAH UFO's are out there!" I mean, I know I am babling but do you understand what I am saying?

Deathbystereo197 ..... That Mario is an alien?

On Ebay right now, bids are at £680

Ebay member name whatwasithinkingwhatsthatnoisehelphelpitsthesecretpolice1768

(he has 99.5% positive feedback got a neg from youdienow123)

We love the idea that the leaker was the 1768 person to register 'whatwasithinkingwhatsthatnoisehelphelpitsthesecretpolice' razors edge.

Valve: Unpredictable release schedule isn't 'schizophrenic'

In tomorrows news. valve: "of course we're shizophrenic,never said otherwise. what are ya on about?"

Nice little mental disease based gag there ste hicky. Well played sir.

Activision may quit UK over 'terrible' game tax mistake

The coalition may have finally got something right.

Ohhhhhh! You go altitude2k.

Tiger Woods goes missing from PGA 12 box

EA are playa hatin on a pimp. A brothers gotta get his hoe's, ya dig?

Yes pmantis we.... No, actually, no we don't.

'Emotional' Homefront campaign video guns in

So, what, you kill a few guys then cry?

As it should be newsinthefield. As it should be.

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