Kinect + Wii Remote = Call of Duty hack heaven?

Hacker plays Modern Warfare, Zelda with motion controls

A Kinect hacker has managed to combine the Microsoft motion sensor with a Wii-remote to play Modern Warfare.

He's also modded Kinect to allow him to play Legend of Zelda and Doom using only his body. Have a look:

The CoD4 mod is definitely the best one, though, since everything is accounted for in some way including picking up weapons by putting your hand by your side. Nice.

Funnily enough, some of the most interesting Kinect developments are coming from the inventive modding community and the best bit is that Microsoft is happy for this kind of thing to continue because it isn't considered 'hacking', apparently.

Keen tech heads will have seen videos of those who've managed to work their programming magic on Kinect and get the camera device talking to Windows PCs, releasing open-source drivers for it in the process. These people, says MS, are safe from the lawyers.