Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 'feels more believable' - Bethesda

Dev aiming to make combat more "involving and brutal"

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim developer Bethesda Softworks wants to make the latest instalment in its epic role-playing series feel more believable, staring with the game's combat system.

Speaking in the latest US Game Informer mag, exec producer Todd Howard explained how the studio's aiming to iron out some of the awkward animation and inject more strategy into melee fights.


"All the stuff we're doing, we want the game to feel more believable, not just on the screen, but in your hands," Howard told the mag.

Although combat in Skyrim is still based on the same core ideas as in Oblivion (spells, melee throwdowns and bow and arrows), it now feels more "involving" and "brutal", Howard said, with watching for openings in enemies' attacks the key to victory.

"We wanted the pace of melee combat to be different," Howard said. "There has to be an energy and a joy to it. And we're also interested in how the weapons feel in your hand."

Key to this is the game's newly added finishing moves, which are unique to both the weapon you're using and the target you're hitting in Elder Scrolls V.

There are also fewer "cheap tricks" in combat this time around, Howard explained: "We've really slowed down how fast you move backwards. So a guy who is charging you, you can't just back up from him.

"In Oblivion, you ran backwards at the same speed you fan forwards. The biggest reason we changed that was a visual one; in third-person, it just looked ridiculous."

Skyrim's been given a release date of November 11, along with a debut teaser trailer which you can see here.

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[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]