Microsoft CEO on Kinect for PC: 'We'll support that'

Steve Ballmer says firm isn't ready to make an official announcement yet though

Microsoft looks set to formally introduce PC support for Kinect, although it's not ready to make an official announcement on the matter yet.

[UPDATE: Microsoft's issued us the following statement: "It's easy to imagine the many ways Kinect could be used for different applications and Microsoft is uniquely positioned to offer that. Right now our focus with Kinect is transforming games and entertainment on Xbox 360".]


Asked if Kinect for PC featured in the company's plans, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the BBC: "We'll support that in a formal way, in the right time, and when we've got an announcement to make we'll make it."

There you have it. Your guess when is as good as ours.

Last week, Microsoft said it had shipped eight million Xbox 360 Kinect units to retail and "far surpassed" five million sold to consumers in the motion sensing peripheral's first 60 days on the market.