The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - A new approach for the Wii?

Turns out the sky's not the limit...

As great as Twilight Princess was, it was arguably the GameCube's last Zelda title, and not the Wii's first.

Four years after the console's launch, we're still waiting for a Zelda game designed, from the ground up, for Wii.

And that game is Skyward Sword: prequel to Ocarina Of Time, incorporator of the under-used MotionPlus, and possessor of a divisively chirpy art style.

What, precisely, should we expect from it?

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Well, we have a feeling the series' traditional, almost mathematical structure will be getting a bit of a shake-up.

Producer Eiji Aonuma said in an interview with Nintendo Power that he's trying to change the "traditional flow" of the Zelda game by blurring the lines between field and dungeon areas.

Don't panic: the story still focuses on two intermingling realms - in this case the floating island of Skyloft and the more familiar kingdom of Hyrule.

Rumours abound that you may travel from one to the other via the medium of skydiving (that or the angelic Link finally sprouts a pair of wings).

A new vertical dimension would do much to invigorate the series, particularly if the game lets you explore the skies freely and at your own pace.


The land, oceans, mountains and even the railways of Hyrule are now pretty well travelled, so Skyward Sword really needs to make the most of its airborne setting.

At least the game's making the most of its soundtrack. This will be the first Zelda title to feature a Super Mario Galaxy-style orchestral score - that's if you ask Shigsy anyway.

The rest of Nintendo seem undecided. If it's a cost issue, we could always fling a few Rupees their way (we found a red one under a bush on the way to work).

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