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EA SPORTS Active 2

Costly and erratic, but EA's Wii Fit rival meets its workout goals

Five minutes in and we're knackered. The sweat from our foreheads has dribbled into our now stinging eyes, we've gone a bit dizzy and our hands are clammy.

Eventually we find where the batteries are supposed to go in the heart rate monitor and we're ready to begin EA Sports Active 2.

EA's fitness utility is less a game and more a psychotic gym instructor digitally sent to whip you into shape without leaving the house, which ironically is the exact reason you gasp for breath when getting up from the sofa.

In all seriousness, this is fantastic for giving gym n00bs a thorough workout while adding mini-games such as basketball and boxing to keep you entertained at the same time.

A comprehensive personal planner can be tailored to your exact goals, so whether it's weight training or simply shedding some puppy fat, Sports Active 2 has it all.

But regardless of how well you can track your heart rate, calories burned, and even see what foods you should be eating there are some fundamental flaws and we're not just talking about the hideous and barely upscaled Wii visuals.

The wireless motion tracking system (bands that go round both arms and a thigh) aren't 100% accurate. This means that when skipping, your avatar on screen may stop but you'll continue and ultimately end up doing more than asked of you.

The same applies to certain rowing exercises, which can leave your arms aching because the person on-screen fails to recognize a rep.

Hopefully next time they'll make it PS Move compatible because the 1:1 accuracy of the motion controller would instantly provide a better reading of your workout skills.


And even as healthy young men, we still found the times between exercises too short to catch your breath. At times, it's actually like EA want you dead.

All that said, Sports Active 2 provides a worthy starter for those looking to improve their fitness without fear of being taunted by meat-headed zealots at their local sports centre.

It's a shame that there's little reason for the hardcore to ditch a session at the gym for the somewhat inaccurate and repetitive 'play' here.

The verdict

Perfect if you can't go to the gym, but frustrating for workout fanatics

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