Gearbox responds to 'no Aliens: CM in 2011' story

Randy Pitchford says he never made such comments

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has attempted to set the record straight over reports that he recently said Aliens: Colonial Marines won't arrive in 2011.

Reports yesterday claimed Pitchford had told the latest issue of EGM that the shooter wouldn't see a release this year.

While that may still be the case - Sega has yet to comment on our request for an update on the game's status - Pitchford says no such words came from his mouth, telling Eurogamer:


"... I am certain that I haven't discussed anything specific regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines with anyone beyond emphasising how passionate I am about the title and how committed my studio and I are to making it great," he said.

"It looks to me like whomever made that post on NeoGAF made an interpretation that could be misleading or inaccurate."

He added: "I am excited that there is so much interest in the game that stories like this tend to pop up literally out of nowhere and from nothing, and I am looking forward to talking more about Aliens: Colonial Marines very soon so that speculation and arbitrariness can be replaced with tangible, reliable and accurate information."

Pitchford also played down reports that Borderlands 2 is already in the works. "What's Borderlands 2? Bah! And El Oh El!" he said.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]