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Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

Worth playing? Of corpse it is...

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Ghost Trick is as gorgeous as it is varied. The 3D cast brim with comedic life, fleshing out those few static frames of Ace Attorney anime flamboyance into fully animated characters.

These fluid motions would impress on Wii, let alone DS. Again, it's hard to describe without spoiling the better characters, but we'd defy anyone not to hoot with laughter at the 'panic dance'. To see such technical finery in the twilight of the DS's life makes us question whether we're in such a hurry to jump to 3DS.

No amount of technical knowhow can replace good storytelling, however. Much more than a simple puzzle lubricant, Sissel's ghostly powers deliver a yarn in a way few games can.

Our bodiless hero is a fly on the wall, obliviously witnessing multiple strands of one grand plot. And with every second of his quest accounted for - events play out over a single evening - the tale surges with a rare urgency.

Like the best TV boxsets, you pop it in for one episode and don't emerge until more than ten hours have gone by. Takumi has always told great stories, but here he finally graduates to great storyteller.

How funny that a man so obsessed with death should give the DS a new lease of life.

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The verdict

Like a supercharged Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick positively thunders forwards with an awesome narrative drive. Dead clever. Dead pretty. Dead good.

  • Unrivalled character animation
  • Music serve the story well
  • Inventive storytelling powers a fine yarn
  • Lacks Wright's classic themes
  • Ultra linear
Nintendo DS