Square Enix talks PSP2

Producer "looking forward to hardware improvements"

It really is time for Sony to announce PSP2 before major publishers and developers steal any more of the platform holder's thunder.


Speaking to VG247 in an interview about PSP title Lord of Arcana, Square Enix producer Takamasa Shiba said: "There are a lot of things I'm excited for the PSP2, but I'm more interested in hardware specifics rather than a unique feature.

"Hardware is always coming out, so the software needs to be pushing the hardware as well. So, if they put something in that's very unique then it is hard to create games for it. As a creator, I'm looking forward to mainly hardware improvements."

Last November, EA told CVG it had access to PSP2, whilst Mortal Kombat dev Netherrealm has also admitted to handling the device.

[ SOURCE: VG247 ]