Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 'is our mobile console'

Dedicated gaming platform seemingly not on the cards

Microsoft has described the Windows Phone 7 platform as its "mobile console".


The firm has sold about 1.5 million of the phones since launch in November, and Windows Phone 7 now plays home to 5,500 apps in its marketplace, more than 60 of which carry Xbox Live features, Kotaku reports.

"This is our mobile platform for games," Kevin Unangst, senior global diretor of PC and mobile gaming at Microsoft, told the site. "The same people who make the Halo game, the same development folks, work on this, this is our mobile console."

Unangst also said that Microsoft is hoping to attract more developers to the platform, including Epic and its Unreal Engine.

Microsoft used its CES keynote in Las Vegas last week to announce a number of upcoming titles for its Windows Phone 7 platform, including entries in the Fable and Pro Evolution Soccer series.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]