Marvel vs Capcom 3 pre-order bonuses detailed

Comic book T-Shirts for all

Capcom has revealed what European gamers will get for pre-ordering its crossover fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Depending on where you choose to pre-order your copy of the beat-em-up you'll either get a T-shirt, a comic, or a steel book edition of the game.

Each T-shirt is a different colour and features a unique bit of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 art adorning the front.

Pre-ordering at ShopTo will net you a special MvC3 comic, which has art from the winners of Capcom's art competition.

Gamestation's steel book edition has artwork from renowned Marvel comic artists Alvin Lee, Joe Ng and Shinkiro. Check out the pics for a better look at all the goods.

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