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3DS UK release date March 25, £230 - report

Respected trade magazine suggests late March arrival for Nintendo's new handheld

Respected trade publication MCV 'has been led to believe' that 3DS will release in the UK on or around March 25 for £200-£230.

"MCV has been lead to believe that the console will arrive in the UK on or around March 25th with a shelf price of £200-£230," it reports.


Firm launch details for Nintendo's new handheld are expected to be revealed at press events in Europe and the US next Wednesday, January 19.

Nintendo's already revealed the full launch line-up for 3DS in Japan, with Konami's Winning Eleven and Capcom's Street Fighter IV set to join six other titles available on day one in February.

We'll be in Amsterdam next week and will of course bring you the first official 3DS launch details as soon as they're divulged.

What price are you willing to pay for a 3DS on release, and what do you make of the - Japanese - launch line-up?