PSP2 official announcement on January 27 - report

Sony set to reveal handheld in Tokyo?

Sony is to officially announce the PSP2 on January 27 at a special press conference in Tokyo, according to reports.


Trade publication MCV claims that game publishers were informed late last year of Sony's PSP2 plans, which would hardly be a surprise seeing as the handheld has become a worse kept secret than PSPgo was ahead of its E3 unveiling in 2009.

Last November, EA told CVG it had access to PSP2, while Square Enix and Mortal Kombat dev Netherrealm have spoken openly about the new handheld too.

A rear touch panel is one of a number of features repeatedly rumoured for the PSP2, and has been referenced by patents from Sony itself.

One of the titles supposedly in development for the new handheld is a version of Uncharted. That'd shift a few machines, we reckon.

More soon.