Prototype 2: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 33 screenshots from the reveal trailer

Despite its twisty narrative, Prototype's main asset was in devastating a sand-box Manhattan replica in as many monstrously destructive ways as possible.

When we dissect the Prototype 2 announcement trailer from the end of last year then, we're expecting a butcher's emporium of meat, blood and concrete to be at the fore.

In fact, why don't we start with that aspect of the game? Namely the mutant-laden, over-the-top action.

Oh, but before we do, we're probably going to have to refer to some potential spoilers from the original if we want to do our usual beard stroking over this one.

So, if you haven't played Prototype and intend to do so with blissful ignorance, run away now.


As you can see, we're back in New York which is nice and infected with the Blacklight virus. There are Hives aplenty occupying buildings up and down the streets, massive sores and all.


The end of the trailer is where you'll get all your actual action from and it's full of the usual tank throwing, head squashing, tentacle flailing carnage. But wait, that doesn't look like Alex Mercer.

Like our mums always said, "If someone doesn't look like someone it probably isn't them" and this time players will be relinquishing control of Alex Mercer (or his virus clone we should say) in favour of sergeant James Heller.

It sounds like Heller came back to New York City after a tour of overseas warring to find the destructive effects of the virus tearing up the place. "I lost everything" he says as a photo of his wife and little daughter come into shot.


Heller then recounts how he battled his way to the heart of the Red Zone of the city "taking out hundreds of them" - them, we assume, being infected civilians. "Truth is, I went there to die."

So, Heller has come home, completely ignorant of the virus, which his family has fallen victim to. So he goes on a rampage of revenge fully expecting to be killed himself.


"But someone had other plans" Heller continues. Then, up pops Alex Mercer, who we can presume, therefore, is that someone.


We then get a few images of the virus that Mercer carries/is being injected into Heller, hence his rock 'em sock 'em abilities towards the end.

With footage of the virus entering a cell Heller says "Then I discovered the truth". We're not sure whether this is referring to Heller inheriting the memories of others as Mercer did in Prototype when he engulfed them and took on their persona, or whether the sergeant's transformation at the hands of Mercer simply made everything clear.

Either way, Heller appears to become aware of Mercer's responsibility for the virus and, as a result, the indirect (maybe even direct, who knows?) death of his family.


And so the battle between Heller and Mercer is set up and ready for the off - the sequel is carrying tag lines like "To kill a monster you must become one" and "Destroy your maker" and the angle of the game has been confirmed for some time.

As far as the sergeant's abilities are concerned, we can't see any that stand out particularly from what Mercer offered up in the original, but then we're only given a small sample of what looks like in-game footage.


We would point out Heller's military grade looking armour, though, which gives our new protagonist a cool new style even if it doesn't affect the gameplay in any way.

That's our take on the Prototype 2 trailer, then, but with nothing substantial officially announced at the moment we can't set it in stone. We'd like to think that's a pretty good stab though.

Have a look for yourselves and see what you can fish out.

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