Crackdown 3 in the works?

Ruffian Games hiring for 'high action online' projects

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian Games is recruiting for a number of unannounced games.

[UPDATE: Microsoft's issued us the following statement: "We have no details to share regarding the information that Ruffian Games has listed on their website".]

The Scottish studio is staying pretty tight-lipped about the nature of its new projects, but did have this to say in a post on its blog:


"Since completing Ruffians first born, Crackdown 2, we've now moved onto a couple of new games... What we can say is they're really exciting, high action, visceral titles that are heavily focussed on online. Which could be a lot of games to be honest."

We gave Crackdown 2 a solid 8/10 and are looking forward to finding out what the studio's up to behind closed doors. Crackdown 3 is surely a safe bet for one of the games, isn't it?

[ SOURCE: Ruffian ]