PSP2 'as powerful as PS3', out Christmas

Trade mag blows lid off Sony's next handheld

The PSP2 is as powerful as the PS3 and will be released as early as Christmas.

That's according to respected trade mag MCV, which reported yesterday on a planned reveal for the device on January 27 - just a week after Nintendo's own 3DS press events in New York and Amsterdam.


According to the new report, Sony is pitching PSP2 as a high-end portable equivalent of it's home console, and has even told licensees the device 'is as powerful as the PlayStation 3'.

The new PSP is expected to arrive at the end of this year, says MCV, perhaps even as early as October.

As previously reported, the handheld includes a HD screen and twin-stick controls in the familiar 'brick' design. It'll also use an unspecified media format for games, but you'll be able to download smaller titles from PSN.

Sony has supposedly consulted publishers about launch timings and is encouraging games with "richer, more in-depth content" to differentiate from app-centric Apple and Android devices.

More PSP2 details will be revealed following the Jan 27 announce at GDC and E3, the report concludes.

Exciting stuff.