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Square-Enix planning Final Fantasy 13 sequel?

Domain name registration suggests possibility

Square-Enix has registered a domain name for Final Fantasy XIII-2, suggesting it may be thinking about making a sequel to last years kind-of-alright Final Fantasy title.


According to the registration, which was dug up by superannuation, the domain registration was filed on Monday January 11 by 'Corporation Service Company', which has registered domains for other Square-Enix titles such as Front Mission Evolved, Nier and Gun Loco.

The last Final Fantasy game to receive a direct sequel was Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy X-2 was released just two years after its predecessor and reused numerous character models, environments and audio.

Going by the length of time FF13 was in development we're guessing that the team is pretty familiar with the Crystal Tools engine by now and could put out a sequel to the game by reusing assets from the main game.

Though this may well just be the company simply grabbing up as many Final Fantasy related domains as possible.

The Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII has had a less than stellar first week on sale in Japan, failing to break the top 20 and thus selling less than 22,579 copies.

[ SOURCE: Unofficial Final Fantasy Site ]