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Sledgehammer making 'next Call of Duty game' - Activision job listing

Developer seeking community manager for upcoming title

Sledgehammer is developing the "next Call of Duty game", according to a new job advert for the studio.


A job listing for a community manager posted on January 5 reads: "Would you like the chance to build and drive the studio community management effort for Sledgehammer and the next Call of Duty game? If so then we want to hear from you!"

While Sledgehammer was originally rumoured to be making a third person Call of Duty title, the developer's website clearly states it's creating a CoD FPS game.

Unless there are two CoD FPS releases planned for this year, the job ad would appear to suggest Sledgehammer's at work on the core annual series update which releases each November. Whether that's Modern Warfare 3 or CoD: Space Warfare is anyone's guess.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]