Distancing from CoD is 'genre's biggest issue' - Bodycount dev

Recent examples show copying hasn't been successful, says Codies

The most important issue for the first-person shooter genre going forward is trying to distance yourself from Call of Duty and Battlefield, Bodycount director Andy Wilson has told Edge.

Speaking in the mag's latest issue - which is with subscribers now - the Codemasters man pointed to plenty of examples of FPS games now avoiding the 'CoD route', such as Epic's Bulletstorm and Bethesda's Brink.


"I think the biggest thing in the FPS genre right now is trying to distance yourself from the hugely successful examples like Call Of Duty or Battlefield," Wilson said, when asked what the genre's most important issue going forward is.

"We've seen recent examples where it doesn't work out so well if you just try to copy that and go one better. Really it's about diversifying, and trying to find something that hasn't been done before, or something that hasn't been done really well, and just push for that."

The director told Edge the Codies team has deliberately gone out to find a place of its own with Bodycount, and both visually and gameplay-wise it's already pretty different. "I can't think of anything comparable at the moment," he said.

"We seem to have been lumped in with Brink and Bulletstorm. Visually they're both very bright and poppy. They've also not gone down the COD route, so we're seeing more examples, I think, of developers trying to find their own space that's not Modern Warfare or Battlefield.

"I would hope that when people actually get their hands on Bodycount they'll think, 'Yep, that's not really like anything else'"

We were lucky enough to get a brief hands-on session with the shooter recently and we can tell you it's looking very exciting. We loved it, in fact.

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[ SOURCE: Edge ]