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Bulletstorm demo arrives January 25

Sample 'Echo' mode and unlock platform-specific upgrades for the full game

EA's confirmed plans to launch a demo of People Can Fly's Bulletstorm in late January.


The demo will hit Xbox Live worldwide on January 25, the same day it arrives on the US PSN. It'll be available on PSN in Europe a day later.

Bulletstorm will feature a single-player campaign, multiplayer mode and 'Echo mode', which is described as a "unique experience that tracks and compares players' scores while they play through locations found in the campaign".

The Bulletstorm demo will offer a slice of Echo mode that sees you traverse a collapsed building while killing enemies in the most creative ways possible to rack up points.

EA says: "From highest score to total number of skillshots performed, players can compete with their friends for bragging rights in Echo mode as they decimate enemies with over-the-top combat moves using some of the most innovative weapons ever seen in a first-person shooter."

The Bulletstorm demo will also allows players to unlock platform-specific upgrades to use in the game's multiplayer mode when the title launches next month.

If you're not clued up on the mental looking shooter, check out this trailer released earlier this week.