The 8 greatest gaming sequels

We take our pick from all the 2s...

For whatever reason, the gaming world doesn't seem to suffer so much from Hollywood's Sucky Sequel Syndrome.

In fact, some of the greatest games to ever grace the planet have been successors. Rather than dropping the ball or failing to recreate the magic of their older siblings, there are a few out there that have managed to put certain franchises beyond doubt in our cynical minds and excelled them to legendary status.

These are some of our favourite games that have that often eagerly anticipated '2' in their name. Oh, and Red Dead Redemption's in there as well.

We're sure you've got a list of your favourite follow-ups stashed away somewhere and we'd love to hear it.

Stick your sequel list together however you please - we've given credit to titles that made massive step forward from their predecessor, helped define a genre or simply managed to permanently stitch themselves into our brain ever since release.

One rule though: While we know a sequel can be any game after the first in the franchise, let's keep it strictly to second outings. It's part of the game.


What can we say? Uncharted: Drake's Fortune hit the shelves as a new, exclusive PS3 IP and - more or less through word of mouth - became a roundly applauded success, enough to crank up the hype for the inevitable sequel.

The sequel itself, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, was instantly blasted into the gaming stratosphere. It's near flawless presentation, epic set-pieces, sophisticated cinematography and spot-on casting helped turn a good third-person shooting adventure into something special.

It added multiplayer to the mix as well but Uncharted's real charm will always be in its almost silver screen story-telling. That's what propelled Uncharted 2 to the top and what made a new franchise that demanded bubbling anticipation into one that commanded the greatest respect from both fans and developers alike.

Assassin's Creed was great for so many reasons; environment's so detailed you could stick your finger in every nook and cranny, open-world maps that stretched up and down and all around, a twisty story set in both the past and present and, generally, knifing people with a stealthy flick-blade that replaced one of your fingers. Badass.

Then there was the grinding, scraping structure of repetition that made us grip our controllers that bit tighter with every eavesdrop mission ("Again?!").

Assassin' Creed II was the game the original should have been; a story that you actually played rather heard about from AI colleagues at various checkpoints, a charismatic protagonist and a more diverse range of objectives and locations meant that this sequel built upon the original and improved it in just about every way.


This is the Red Dead that will stick in people's minds. The first in the series, Red Dead Revolver, was a great little cowboy action adventure game with a sprinkling of fantasy, and we did really enjoy it, but Red Dead Redemption is oh so different and oh so much better.

Dead Eye and the whole cowboy thing was the only thing that Rockstar really took forward to Redemption aside from a few multiplayer skins. For the second gun-slinging episode it went down the tried and tested Grand Theft Auto highway adding a number of Rockstar hallmarks while still managing to create a whole new feel.

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