CVG: Comments of the week

Oh great, now we've got hiccups...

We're happy to say that there were great comments across all kinds of stories this week. Even one's where we thought you lot would fall flat on your talkative faces.

We doubt you every week and yet we reach the end humbled every time.

For this, we are truly sorry. Please, accept your own comments as a token of our regret.

Iwata: 3DS health warnings will protect against lawsuits

Doesn't matter if it gave you cancer, it is going to sell by the s**tLOAD!

Actually slick loose, we think that's where the line would be drawn.

I reckon there will be at least one person who tries to sue them because after they used the 3DS they now see everything in 3D...

And rightfully so wrightandrewjame, we're currently looking into if we could have a case against James Cameron. Damn Avatar making us see all deep.

People will sue. People try to sue companies for making their games too addictive..... They should use it as like a registration for for getting rid of society's most useless people. Let them try to sue, fill in forms etc. "ok sir, good stuff" ..... then chuck them off a cliff somewhere

Makes the world easier to improve when the morons come to you.

Imaduck brings murder as a possible solution to the table.

WARNING! Turn your brain on when you wake up in the morning!

That should suffice for every situation.

We're sure they'd still find a way Imaduck.

Mortal Kombat Mileena trailer talks first dates

Imagine waking up to that on a sunday morning, then feeling really sore in between the legs.

It's good to bring awareness to STIs anytime, they are an increasing... Oh. We see what you mean... That's much worse.

Kinect + Wii Remote = Call of Duty hack heaven?

This takes Teabagging to a whole new level.

There's a sense of excited anticipation in Augustus_aka_AG voice we feel.

Iwata: Nintenhorse, Nintendolphin were 'debated'

Dolphin beats a flippin' cat any day. Stuck-up evil hairball-spitting buggers.

Balladeer's hatred for cats, but respect for dolphins suddenly boils over.

By 'debated' does it mean that someone come up with them as a stupid, yet genuine, idea before the whole room gave them blank stare while the boss did their best to hide the rage which should have been taken out on the idiot's face?

If not then I will believe that is what happened. For I am insane. And a little drunk.

Good of you to admit it G_R7, a fearful combination though.

For some reason, when I read the headline of the article, my brain processed it as Nintendo were actually considering calling the company Nintendhorse instead of Nintendo... It is early...

We nearly called ourselves 'CVG-up horsie, we've got a race to win' khr0nik. Truth is; businesses with horse related titles do three percent better in general. Put that one in your pocket.

Nintendogs failed me because I was expecting to see a dead puppy after not playing for 6 months. Denied.

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