Metroid 3DS incoming?

Jonathan Ross drops a big hint

Jonathan Ross has hinted that a Metroid 3DS game is on its way to Nintendo's new handheld.

The TV presenter and comic has told his Twitter followers that he has been invited to host the 3DS preview event in Amsterdam this week.


He then revealed that "a few unexpected revivals" will be making their way to the new 3D handheld before adding "Can say no more, sorry."

However, when one of his followers tweeted "I have my fingers crossed for Metroid," Ross replied "I think you're going to be pleased then..." Ooh-eer.

Earlier Ross had posted his thoughts about 3DS, saying "What I can say about 3DS is that the 3D is far better than I would have thought possible without glasses."

He also added: "The games that seem to benefit the most are the driving and shooting games - the perspective makes it all feel more accurate."

[ SOURCE: Nintendo World Report ]