Jonathan Ross: Nintendo 3DS is 'far better' than expected

Telly funnyman to host European event this week

British TV funnyman Jonathan Ross has given his early thoughts on Nintendo's 3DS - calling its flagship feature "far better" than he expected it to be.

Speaking on Twitter, Ross revealed that he had been "been invited by Nintendo to host a conference next week that gives out info on the 3DS" - presumably a nod to the European launch of event of the title in Amsterdam on Wednesday (January 19).

Ross said that he'd been given a sneak early peek at the device. He added: "What I can say about 3DS is that the 3D is far better than I would have thought possible without glasses. Can be switched to regular 2D!


"Think it's because the screen is small that it can be done effectively without need for glasses. I only had unfinished prototype. But a couple of very cool new features."

Nintendo is expected to announced a European release date and possible pricing info at its Amsterdam event. CVG will be in attendance - so stay tuned.