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Harmonix dropping Rock Band Network support for Wii

Developer cites "smaller online install base, limited demand for releases"

Harmonix is to drop Wii support for the Rock Band Network later this month.

RBN enables users to author their own original recordings into gameplay files and sell their music as playable tracks.

Speaking on the Rock Band forums, the developer said the move was due to the console's "smaller online install base" and "limited demand for releases so far".

"Next Tuesday, 1/18/2010, will also be the last scheduled batch of Rock Band Network songs brought over to the Wii. With the smaller online install base, limited demand for releases so far and the significant amount of work it takes for our producers and audio team to convert and process these additional tracks we're no longer able to continue submitting RBN content to the Wii."

Harmonix added that regular Wii DLC, and RBN releases for Xbox 360 and PS3, will continue uninterrupted.

The Rock Band and Dance Central developer confirmed last month that it had broken from former parent company Viacom and become an independent studio again.

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[ SOURCE: Rock Band forums ]