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The secret to Halo's success is...

Franchise development director Frank O'Connor spills the beans

Microsoft's franchise development director Frank O'Connor has revealed what he thinks is the key to Halo's success.

Speaking in the 100th edition of CVG sister mag Xbox World 360, O'Connor said:


"Honestly the secret of Halo's success is that it has something for everyone - a deep, rewarding sandbox of engaging vehicles, cool weapons and challenging AI."

"A sci-fi adventure for fiction fans. A sense of mystery and wonder for folks who like that sort of thing. User Creation tools for would-be game designers, and of course, competitive, exciting multiplayer."

"I'd hazard to say there are a lot of folks who haven't tried Halo, who think they might not like it, who would actually find some really engrossing facet of what's a very richly featured game."

Halo passed hands from Bungie to 343 last year following the former's last hurrah with Halo Reach, which hit 33 billion kills in December.

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