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Today's FPS games need 'awesome multiplayer' - Crytek

Crysis 2 executive producer talks about the genre specific requirement

Not all games need multiplayer to succeed in today's market, but FPS titles do.

That's according to Crysis 2's executive producer at Crytek Nathan Camarillo, who spoke to CVG about the game and the wider industry.


When we asked him if a title needs to have multiplayer features in today's gaming world, he told us that the necessity was specific to the FPS genre.

"I don't think it has to have multiplayer to have longevity and I think there's plenty of titles that don't have multiplayer that do quite well, but that's more of a genre specific decision," he said.

"For an FPS game yeah you really have to have it unless you're a very unique kind of FPS depending on what you're delivery platform is and what market you're going into."

"But generally yes for FPS games you have to have awesome multiplayer and that's what we're making with Crysis 2," he continued.

"It's different from other FPS games in that you are this ultimate super solider that has the ability to cloak at any point in time, so it's different than modern military shooters, it's different to Halo."

"You have the manoeuvrability, you're in an urban environment, you can jump, you can slide, you can climb. There's so much you can do in that first-person experience that the other multiplayer games don't offer."

Another thing Camarillo thinks Crysis 2 needs is high review scores. More specifically he told CVG that the sequel will struggle to stand out if it didn't break into the 90s.

What do you think readers? Is it possible for an FPS to stand up with single player alone anymore?