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Cannon Fodder 3 coming to PC and Xbox 360

Update: Series to return in full 3D with weather effects and destructible environments

[Update: Codemasters has told us that it licensed the Cannon Fodder IP to developer GFI for a one-off project that is yet to be confirmed for release outside of Russia and CIS territories.]

Russian firm GFI has announced that it's developing Cannon Fodder 3 for PC and Xbox 360.


More than a decade after the first two Cannon Fodder titles released, the third will feature a classic isometric environment in full 3D with weather effects, change of time, destructible environments and physical water.

The game's in development at GFI under license from Codemasters. Here's some info from the press release:

"Several military groups of Europe, Asia and Africa have made a military alliance to establish dictatorship by joint efforts. Your goal is to stop them at any cost... Even with a price of thousands lives of soldiers named 'cannon fodder', who are ready to die everywhere and every time it's needed. 'Cause it's their work.

"You have a small army which consists of only "cannon fodder" soldiers, who are ready to rush into fight with the enemy, sparing neither effort nor oneself. The player will have to pass several episodes full of cartoon violence among different locations, and the Earth is not the limit - it's time to go into open space and show the enemy 'who's daddy'."

Series creator Jon Hare said in 2008 that he'd been working on a Cannon Fodder 3 design with Codies "as long ago as 1999".