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Resistance 3: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 32 screenshots from the VGA trailer

When it comes to Resistance 3 we're in something of a pickle, since the latest trailer we've had for the game is mostly live action.

There is a chunk of gameplay footage in the middle, which looks quite nice - but the fleshy, real-world stuff could still come in useful since Insomniac has told us that each of the live-action scenes does represent a section of in-game action.


First let's start with this bit. Our scar-faced protagonist is doodling a picture of the enemy in a pad of what are probably notes on the Chimera. He's really got the eyes hasn't he?

We spent ages (a good four minutes) trying to make out what some of that writing said, and while we could read a few of the words, the main bulk of what it says remains a mystery to us. Roll your eyes over it, see if you can decipher anything.


He flicks through the book and comes to a battered picture of a woman with a child sleeping on her shoulder, which is Hollywood's way of saying "This is his family, he misses them, they're at home/dead".

So we have a pretty straight forward hero on our hands, or at least he is so far.

Then comes the Chimera attack and the budding artist rushes out on to the deck to get involved.


Before we dive into the gameplay footage though we should note the ships cargo: There's a very purposeful shot of a box of what looks like chemical containers.


They're being looked over by this scholarly looking chap; white hair, specs, shirt and tie. We might be jumping to conclusions here but, with the chemicals in mind and the fact he doesn't really fit on a little boat means it doesn't seem unreasonable to take his appearance as narrative shorthand for 'scientist' (Malikov perhaps?).

What that chemical is exactly and where it's being taken we don't know but we're betting it's all to do with the fight against the Chimera.

So it looks like the aliens have come to intercept, that or the little ship has strayed into particularly infested waters. Either way, it's go time.

Joseph (named by white beard's call for help, and probably Joe Capelli) jumps into action as the gameplay starts to role, and it doesn't half look pretty.


We can spot two types of Chimera here: The basic, what you see is what you get, Hybrid and the Long Legs, bounding with those strip-light like attachments to its shoulder-blades.


We also get a look at the Chimera Goliaths that tower over the player and look like they'll be part of some epic, interactive set-pieces involving a scramble for survival. At least we hope that's how they'll be used.


Then we're back to the live action footage with Joseph in a derelict area in the pouring rain, the only light coming from burning barrels of fuel. With only a sledgehammer to hand it's not the ideal place to run into multiple Chimera.


But oh look here they come, forcing poor Joe to try his luck with the hammer. It may not be the best outcome for him, but if Insomniac can nail a really satisfying sledge-hammer melee attack - and if this final scene does indeed relate to something we'll be faced with in game- we can't wait to get swinging.

This video is no longer available