RUSE Chimera DLC detailed

New solo challenges and multiplayer maps

Ubisoft's detailed the latest RUSE DLC after announcing it via Twitter earlier this month.


Titled 'The Chimera Pack', the DLC features three new single player operations and three new multiplayer maps.

Blood and Sand, Djebel and Nuclear winter make up the new set of maps, while Ubisoft's detailed the new solo challenges as follows:

  • Bir Hakeim: Your army will be driven into the Libyan Desert, where the Free French Forces resisted the Axis Advance in 1942
  • Medjez: 1943, take command of the Afrikakorps in Tunisia, face pincer movements from the British Army and the Free French Forces
  • Zapad Operation: 1947, team up with a friend and fight alongside the Soviet army against the American imperialists when a border incident in Germany spills over into nuclear war

The Chimera Pack will be available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam from January 19.

Have a look at the screenshots below.