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Dead or Alive Dimensions co-op revealed

All new mode introduced for 3DS

Dead Or Alive producer Yosuke Hayashi has revealed that Team Ninja's Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS will have a new co-op mode.


Speaking at Nintendo's 3DS event taking place in Amsterdam today, Hayashi also talked about the touch screen moves list, which he said would allow new players to go toe-to-toe with seasoned players.

Hayashi was confident in the 3DS title and said he felt it was one of the best instalments in the series.

"It's not simply 3D stages and characters. It's the traits of the series coming back more visually striking, and with attitude."

He went on to say that Team Ninja has been planning a portable version of its fighter for a while now, and the Nintendo 3DS happened to be "the right console" for it.

Nintendo has announced that more than 30 games will be available for 3DS by E3 in early June.