Nintendo 3DS launch: All the news

Every important bit from today's conferences

Well, that's it. Nintendo has wrapped up the 3DS launch on both sides of the Pond, and we're full to the brim with new info.

Conferences held in Amsterdam and New York this afternoon cleared up everything - from 3DS paint jobs to release dates.


Things kicked off with the announcement that the 3DS will be available in a choice of two colours; Aqua Blue and the mysterious Cosmos Black, before it was revealed that Nintendo has teamed up with Eurosport and Sky, both of which will provide the handheld with bite-sized 3D content.

Then came the first of two sets of numbers that have been eagerly anticipated since the 3DS first made itself known. The New York crowd was told that the 3DS will be available in the US from March 27 at $249.99.

Soon after the UK could relax as a European release date of March 25 was announced in Amsterdam. Strangely, though, Nintendo remained quiet on a European price point preferring to allow retailer discretion - HMV has it at £230.

Nintendo also announced that there would be over 30 games available for the handheld by early June, some of which we've already started to get trailers and screenshots for including PES 3DS and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3DS.

We're still unclear as to which titles you'll be able to import from abroad and which will be locked down. CVG was told by PES 3DS' producers that their game will be locked, but Nintendo has previously suggested that this won't apply to all releases.