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New Pilotwings Resort screenshots swoop in

Fly me to WuHu Island

Here are some lovely new screenshots of Pilotwings Resort, one of three Nintendo-developed games that will be released for 3DS before June.

This could be the best game to be set in WuHu Island, the location for Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit.

As you can see, you'll be able to import your Mii characters from the Nintendo 3DS Mii Maker and explore the island by plane, hang glider and rocket belt.


The game was playable at Nintendo's 3DS preview event in Amsterdam yesterday and according to ONM's Pilotwings Resort impressions you can even fly down the volcano crater.

There are 40 challenging flight missions in Mission Mode which have you attempting to earn stars. Or you can try out Free Flight mode and look around Wuhu Island for hundreds of collectible Extras.

As you play, you can unlock interactive 3D Dioramas of various aircraft and famous island monuments. You can also share your experiences with friends and family members by
taking in-game photos and saving them to the Nintendo 3DS photo album.