Iwata plays up 3DS media capabilities

Nintendo boss says Hollywood is on board

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has used the latest 'Iwata Asks' column to shine a spotlight on the non-gaming capabilities of 3DS, and specifically the new portable's ability to play 3D films.


Speaking to the father of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, and Earthbound/Mother creator Shigesato Itoi, Iwata said he believes the handheld is exactly what 3D content creators are looking for, as they've become troubled by the lack of content output avenues currently available.

According to the Nintendo exec, 3DS's media capabilities are one of the device's main strengths.

"One of this device's values is that it can play back 3D videos." said Iwata. "When we show 3DS to people from Hollywood, they express tremendous interest.

"We believe many people will be happy if we make it so that you can use the 3DS to watch things like, for instance, 3D movie trailers," he added.

Nintendo's head honcho also drew attention to the 3DS SpotPass feature, which allows the system to download content even when it's in sleep mode.

It is well known that 3DS features a 3D camera, allowing users to take 3D snaps, but Iwata has said he would also like the new handheld to support 3D video recording.

Nintendo said yesterday it will be partnering with Eurosport and Sky to deliver sports content to the 3DS.

The firm seems to be setting itself up to be a big player in the 3D media content delivery and production space. Check out our thoughts about the new kid on the 3D block here.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]