Nintendo CEO predicts 'rocket start' for 3DS sales

Iwata thinks system's photo-realistic graphics "will satisfy Western gamers"

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata expects a "rocket start" to 3DS sales in the US.


"There will be not only our own software, but also third- party titles, which have the photo-realism that will satisfy Western gamers," the exec told Bloomberg. "We expect the 3DS to get off to a rocket start, like the Wii's debut."

Nintendo said in September it would ship four million 3DS units to retail during the new portable's first month. While he's seemingly very confident that the $249.99 device will get off to a strong start, Iwata declined to give Bloomberg a specific 3DS sales prediction.

Yesterday, Nintendo confirmed March 25 and March 27 launches for the 3DS in Europe and the US respectively. The handheld's set to launch in Japan on February 26.

[ SOURCE: Bloomberg ]