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Nintendo: No fear of PSP2 as we focus on 'unique' 3DS

UK GM says firm has hands full with new handheld

Nintendo has insisted that its confidence in the "unique" 3DS extends to paying little mind to the competition - including Sony's PSP2.

Speaking at its 3DS event in Amsterdam yesterday, Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton said the firm's happy with what it's offering with its 2011 handheld, and insisted it doesn't look at "the opposition".


When asked if Nintendo feared the rumoured arrival of the PSP2 this year, Yarnton said:

"There's always stuff happening in the marketplace but I think we've got our hands pretty full with the product we've got which has so much there to offer. We're quite happy with the place we're at.

"We don't look at opposition. They'll do what they've got to do. We've got the 3DS which offers something unique."

Earlier this month trade mag MCV claimed Sony's to officially announce the PSP2 on January 27 at a special press conference in Tokyo.

If rumours come good, PSP2 will go head to head with 3DS in 2011, which was yesterday dated for March 25 in Europe.