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Greatest gaming moments of 2010

Part 2: Power-ups, Peggle and Sims

In case you missed part one of our feature (honestly, what are you thinking?) we've put together a list of specific moments that have stuck with us from 2010.

We've tried to avoid outright spoilers but there's still a few lurking about. You have been warned.

Using Bloody Mess (again) in Fallout New Vegas: Some see this as a waste of a perk, despite the 5% damage boost, but we think it's a glorious concession to form over function in a game obsessed with stats and inventory management.

Flipping an opponent's car with the shunt power-up in Blur: Few power-ups in Blur are as satisfying as the shunt. With this, a direct hit will literally flip a car over, seriously hindering their chance to finish the race at a respectable pace. Doing it to get revenge on an online opponent who's been hammering you all race is a rare and entertaining thrill.

Hitting the last peg in Peggle and revelling in Ode To Joy: Nothing represents a massive win like the combination of Slo mo, rainbows, and Ode to Joy. And then you get the fireworks. We love you too, Peggle.

Chainsaw to the face in Shank: With the involvement of Disney and Adult Swim animators, side-scroller Shank looks like a cartoon come to life - and an incredibly violent one at that. Shank combines chainsaws, knives and guns to gruesome effect, tearing enemies to shreds. The 2D animation is glorious, even if the gameplay is a bit basic.

Death-defying BASE jumps in GTA IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony: In the spirit of bringing the fun back to GTA, the Ballad Of Gay Tony DLC added a favourite distraction from San Andreas: BASE jumping. You could hurl Luis from every major building in the game, releasing your parachute to float to safety. Some even saw you leaping off the skyscrapers on a motorcycle. Thrilling.

SPOILER! Crying at the end of Red Dead Redemption: God, we always blub at a happy ending. Or in Red Dead's case, a devastating, poignant ending. In a shock move, Rockstar kill their charismatic cowboy John Marston in a gut-wrenching shootout. After his wife and son find his bullet-ridden body, there's a sombre funeral scene where they put him to rest as a haunting Western folk song plays in the background. Some of us even cried during it.

Wearing the 'banana hammock' and riding a child's tiny bicycle in Dead Rising 2: As soon as you discover that you can wear any clothes you find scattered around Fortune City, you make it your primary goal - above finding Zombrex, even - to make Chuck look as daft as possible.

Tuning your car to 'The Entertainer' in Gran Turismo 5: This classic piece of 'rag' music from 1902 was voted number 10 in the Recording Industry Association Of America's 'Songs Of The Century' list. Which makes it perfect for the background music of the GT Auto tuning screen... right? It's a bizarre moment - almost farcical - but somehow makes perfect sense in GT's weird muzak menus.

Becoming a made man in Mafia 2: After paying their dues, Joe and Vito finally receive the honour of becoming made men. After the ceremony, a montage plays to the tune of Let The Good Times Roll showing the pair spending their new-found fortune on cars, women and booze, and occasionally punching people. It's a Goodfellas-inspired moment that makes you feel like you've made it.

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