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3DS battery life only '3-5 hours' with 3D activated

Up to eight hours with 3D off, estimates Nintendo

The battery life on the 3DS will be as little as three to five hours, according to Nintendo estimates via Kotaku.

Answering pressing questions for the new machine, Kotaku reports that estimates for the console's battery life will take a hit from using the 3D mode, with the screen brightness up high and wireless mode activated.


Shutting down 3D alone could extend battery life to up to eight hours, estimates Nintendo, while shutting off wireless features, dimming the screen or running the system in a so-called 'power-save mode' will extend play time even further.

Elsewhere in the report, the more keen-eyed among you may have spotted the alarmingly short power cables attached to the 3DS' recharge 'cradle'.

But Nintendo says the inconveniently short wire on the demo units are "for illustrative purporses only," meaning final units should come with leads of a more acceptable length.

And just to make extra sure you're happy, it also revealed that the new handheld will be fully compatible with the current DSi charger, so keep one of those handy too, just in case.

Nintendo's recent 3DS press event blew open details of the console's launch, which sits at March 25 for UK, and March 27 for US.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]