Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS more user-friendly

Thanks to a revamped inventory system, says Nintendo

Don't fret. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on 3DS isn't being made easier. It's just being made more intuitive.

That's according to Nintendo's Bill Trinen, who says a new inventory system will let Nintendo "provide the experience the way it should have been".


Fans of the N64 original will remember the notoriously difficult Water Temple, which saw Link using Iron Boots to sink below water and solve complicated puzzles. Those will remain, but the experience will be streamlined by better controls, explains Trinen.

"One of [series creator Eiji Aonuma's] long regrets was not necessarily the layout, or the puzzles or the difficulty of the water temple but the fact that the water temple involved putting the iron boots on and off, taking them on, taking them off, ... to move up and down in the water. To do that you had to press the start button , you'd have to switch over to your inventory screen, you'd have to scroll around to get down to your iron boots and then, of course, in between, you're switching out the iron boots with the hookshot and things like this," said Trinen.

But a new touch-screen-based inventory system will improve this, he adds. "[Aonuma] feels he's finally able to provide the experience the way it should have been in the water temple ... on the touch panel, you have access to your inventory, so instead of having to scroll down, to find all the different items you're going to have very simple and intuitive access to all the items and the equipment you're going to need."

The game also features noticeably improved visuals, and gyroscopic motion control for the first-person 'look' view and items like the slingshot. But Trinen warned: "I wouldn't anticipate any extra dungeons."

You really should check out off-screen video footage of is right here, right now.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]