Yakuza 4 UK release date confirmed

Out exactly a year to-the-day after the Japanese launch

How's this for timing? Sega has confirmed that Yakuza 4 will be out in UK on March 18 - exactly a year after the game's Japanese launch to the day. This is just a few days after the US' March 15 launch.


The fourth game in the series lets player take control of four characters this time around; the series star Kazuma, along with new faces Saejiman, Akiyama and Tanimura.

Sega has released a number of videos that offer the story behind each character. You won't understand because they're all Japanese, but it looks like so much fun it really doesn't matter.

See Saejima and Kazuma smash faces here, check out Akiyama here and see Tanimura's handy work here.

Oh, and below is a brand new trailer, straight out of Sega America:

This video is no longer available