Yuji Naka's 3DS/Wii game named - screens

Sonic creator shows off Rodea the Sky Soldier

Yuji Naka, the man behind Sonic the Hedgehog, Nights and Phantasy Star has revealed his new flight-based game for 3DS and Wii is called 'Rodea the Sky Soldier' and shown it off in a few screens.

The title, which was unveiled yesterday, will be developed by his studio Prope and published in Japan by Kadokawa Games.


Rodea features free flight via simple Wiimote controls and presumably either touch screen or gyroscope controls on the 3DS, though Naka hasn't confirmed this himself.

The screens for the Wii version of Rodea are certainly impressive in terms of scale; the little robot can be seen going up against enemies considerably larger than itself.

Naka's last title was called Ivy the Kiwi?. Check out a review of that here.

[ SOURCE: Destructoid ]